Monday, 27 May 2013

Fat Around Ankles - Want to Lose Cankles?

Want to Lose Cankles? - Fat Around Ankles. Recently the topic of women trying to lose cankles, or trying to lose their small bit of fat around ankles, has become a much talked about one. Many women are insecure about many parts of their bodies and the new place to be self conscious about is their ankles. In this article we are going to take a closer look at the 4 main cures for women that are trying lose cankles or the fat around ankles.

1. Exercise

Exercise is the number one way to help lose the excess fat that may be hanging around your ankles. Exercises such as the calf raise, ankles inversion and ankle eversion, with a thera-band for resistance, all strictly target the ankle to give it tone and definition.

2. Diet And Nutrition

If you have a large amount of excess fat all over your body then you are more likely to have a fatty build up on your ankles. The correct diet and nutrition advice will not only help you lose fat on your ankles but it will also help you to get rid of water retention in the body, getting rid of the bloated look of your ankles.

3. Improving Blood Circulation

Blood will pool in the ankle if your blood circulation is not at it's best. You need to increase blood circulation if you are to get rid of the blood that has pooled there.

4. Over the counter supplements

There are some new over the counter supplements that can give amazing results for people trying to lose cankles and the fat around ankles. Ginkgo Biloba is a heart healthy supplements that will aid your body in increasing blood circulation, giving you energy and also helping to get rid of the blood that has pooled in your ankles.

As we have discussed before in this article many women and even some metro-sexual men are very concerned about their fat around ankles. In Australia we are now coming into the Summer and the beaches are full of beautiful people with bronze skin and slim, fat free ankles. To be ready for the summer time you want to have yourself cankle free in the quickest time possible.

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