Saturday, 8 June 2013

Cankle Exercise

Cankle, the abbreviation of calf and ankle, is a popular term which firstly emerged in Shallow Hall movie. It was said by the character of Alexander of this film to call the lower leg of overweight women. Later, this term is broadly used to refer hideous fat accumulation around the ankle which looks like a calf. Many people especially women hate such thing in their body because it makes their legs look unattractive. Various solutions are then sought after. One of them, which is said effective, is cankle exercise.

Why Cankle Exercise?

Cankle exercise is always in a top part of list on how to avoid and cure cankle. Why, do you think? Nothing more nothing less; it is due to the capability of exercises and movements to bring significant effect to the cankle. 

As we know, exercise has always been good for everyone, if it is done regularly in the right way and intensity. So does cankle exercise. It helps the body to circulate the fluid and blood well. Another key point is that cankle exercise will encourage the fat burning; which stands as the huge cause of cankle.

Types of Cankle Exercise

There are various kinds of cankle exercise people can do at home. Each of them has benefit; not only for the crankle –to eliminate it--, but also for the whole body.

Cardio. Besides cankle exercise, cardio is also known as an effective exercise to help losing weight. In the case of cankle, you can choose cardio which focus on using calves; like stair climbing, running, jumping rope, etc. 

The idea of this cankle exercise is losing weight in the intended area: the cankle.

Standing and Seated Calves Raises. This next cankle exercise focuses on two points in your legs. The standing raise targets gastroc while the seated has soleus as the goal. 

Standing raise can be done by standing firmly on toes and then lower back down. Repeat this movement for several times. On the other side, seated raise cankle exercise is easier to do with calf machine. Sitting comfortably on a chair or bench, while moving the leg up and down, is also preferable.

Tuck jump. The next type of cankle exercise is tuck jump; which will work well for your calf. This cankle exercise can be carried out by standing on the feet with straight back and abs. After that, lower the body in squat position and later, jump far above the ground. While doing this, the knee should tuck the chest and the arms should be around the shin.

Tuck jump cankle exercise will not only force your calf to work, but also increase the heart rate. 

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