Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Why Is My Foot Swollen - Cause and Treatment

Why is my foot swollen. You may ask ‘why is my foot swollen’ when you see that the lower part of your body does not look as normal as usual. Such ‘why is my foot swollen’ question is normally ask without worrying something because in fact, swollen feet is not something serious to be worried about.

Why is my foot swollen - Causes of Swollen Feet

It is true that swollen feet or edema is a condition which is relatively safe. What people are troubled about is what it brings to their lovely legs and their nice appearance. Swollen foot is always unpleasant, especially for those who really care about their physical look. Back to the why is my foot swollen question; these people must understand the reasons behind their swollen feet, so that they can take the right step to get rid of it.

While ‘why is my foot swollen’ thing is hanging around your mind, let’s have a closer look on these following common causes of edema:
Inactivity. This is the first answer for ‘why is my foot swollen’. As we know, blood must circulate well on all parts of the body including the feet. When it does not, there must be something to happen. Feet inactivity, in this case, can be the source of clogged blood circulation system which is reason for why is my foot swollen issue. 

Other thing related to this inactivity, at the same time responding the ‘why is my foot swollen’ matter, is your daily habit of spending much time by sitting all day long in the office. You do not do other activities like taking a walk to move your foot. In addition, bed rest is another possible respond for ‘why is my foot swollen’ quest related to inactive part of your body. 

Pregnancy. Since long time ago, pregnancy has always been a good answer for questions like ‘why is my foot swollen’. As we can observe, women who go through her pregnancy have higher pressure on their lower body part, the feet. That is the reason why swollen feet is happening, the pressure which prevent the blood from running smoothly.

Your diet. One more cause and counter of ‘why is my foot swollen’ subject is your diet composition. Drinking less water and high ingestion of salt in daily menu will cause swollen feet. 

Why is my foot swollen - How to Treat Swollen Feet

Rather than just wondering with ‘why is my foot swollen’ question, it is much better to recognize the treatments you should take to cure or reduce your swollen feet:
  • Drinking more water, less salt intake 
  • Being active by taking a walk after spending some time sitting or lying down; doing exercise regularly, and make movements with the feet by elevating it

If you already do those solutions above but the swollen feet do not get any better, you can visit a physician to find out the exact answer for your ’ why is my foot swollen’ question. 

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