Saturday, 15 June 2013

Swollen Ankle and Foot

Swollen ankle and foot. Have you been in a trouble with swollen ankle and foot hanging around? Do not worry too much about it because a number of solutions are ready to help.

Swollen ankle and foot itself is often called edema; a condition which takes place when the body finds it difficult to move or circulate the fluids and blood back up the legs. This makes the ankle and feet begin to get swollen.
Find the Root!

In general, swollen ankle and foot is not so dangerous. In fact, it is not a disease, but it can be the sign or symptom of certain disorder/disease. The most important thing is that swollen ankle and foot will make you uncomfortable to do your daily activities.
The first step you have to do is finding the root or the main cause of your swollen ankle and foot. There are various possible causes of it, such as pregnancy, long-time inactivity (too much sitting or lying without moving the legs), high blood-pressure, even blood clots.

When you have found out the exact reason of the swollen ankle and foot, the next step is looking for the best solution for it.
Reducing Swollen Feet and Ankle
Numerous things can be done to reduce and remove swollen ankle and foot; such as the followings:
  • Moving the swollen ankle and foot slowly to help the blood and fluids circulating well. You can do it by rotating the leg in clockwise direction and repeat it reversely. In addition, it is also possible to lift the swollen ankle and foot above the chest while sitting or lying.
  • Having cankle exercises which give special emphasize on your swollen ankle and foot; for example: doing cardio exercise, tuck jump, or simply taking a walk. Yoga is also helpful since it can help undertaking the circulation system.
  • Wearing supportive socks or hose. In market place, you can find certain hose as well as socks which are specially made for helping those with swollen ankle and foot.
  • Drinking more amount of water. Water, in this case, will assist the fluid and blood circulation; which will then reduce the swollen ankle and foot.
  • Watch your diet menu; meaning that you should not consume large amount of salt in your everyday menu. For your information, salt is one of swollen ankle and foot causes. So, get rid of it will help the healing process. 

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